Who Teaches at WILS?

We want teachers who want to work in, and contribute to, a friendly, caring environment. If you feel that you can provide positive energy, teach students thoroughly and thoughtfully, and are flexible enough to realize that all kids are different and that you yourself can always improve, then you have found the right environment for you.
We are admittedly different than many other schools. We are a school for students first and foremost, not for their parents. Therefore, we do not make our teachers involved in many of the pointless activities that other schools demand, purely to satisfy parents.
We value and respect you as an individual. We know that people have different teaching styles and we want you to find the way that works best for you, though we of course have best practices and training to guide you.
We do not constantly monitor you and make you feel like you are under a microscope. Only about 10% of our classrooms have CCTV cameras. You may never have to teach in a room with a CCTV camera. We do not want an environment where there is no trust, and we don’t want customers who will only trust us if there is constant monitoring. We expect you to see yourself as an educator with a responsibility to maintain high standards of professionalism.
We want friendly, down-to-earth people who are interested in a wide variety of things. We want our students to experience a diversity of perspectives and the biggest reason they come to WILS is because they like you, their teacher. Each and every day you really can make a major impact on your students.
If all of these things gel with your idea of the kind of place you want to work, we hope to receive your application soon.
Please e-mail us at wils@wils.co.kr with your resume, statement of purpose and a photo.