Benefits & Logistics

We have several different salary options and scales based on experience, level of responsibility, and amount of teaching. We have hourly-based teachers as well as salary-based teachers. After interviewing you, we will give you an exact offer.

Naturally everyone wants exact numbers right away, but since we believe your salary should match your individual experience and capabilities, we want to meet you first.

We provide an airfare stipend, as well. We purchase the tickets, so you never have to use your credit card and worry about reimbursement.

All of our teachers live in their own studio or one-bedroom apartment. Real estate availability and the precise date of your arrival determine exactly where you will stay, but it will be located within a short distance of the school. We know that if you aren’t satisfied with your housing, you won’t be satisfied with living and working in Seoul, so we are sure to arrange satisfactory housing. If you have not been to Asia before, do note that Seoul is a crowded place and you need to come in with lowered expectations about size. Don’t worry, they aren’t prison cells, but unless you’ve got six figures in the bank, you aren’t going to have a palatial residence in Seoul.

You will not be grading loads of essays and doing hours of busy-work grading per week, either. We design our program to limit grading as much as we can. An average of around 30 minutes per day is normal.

Many schools expect teachers will leave after one year, and therefore they want to work them to the bone and view them as a temporary commodity. We reject that approach, and while we know the visa limits to one year at a time, we want to provide a work environment that makes you want to stay in Korea for more than a year. In fact, the majority of our teachers over the last 5 years have extended their contracts. As of March 2015, almost 80% of our teachers have been with us for more than one year.

A few things that mom will probably worry about: You pay into the Korean national health insurance system, which we match 50/50. It is reasonably priced, high-quality, and easy to use. Also, North Korea has not attacked Seoul in over 60 years. Locals do not worry about attack in the least. Seoul is one of the safest large cities in the world, many times safer than most American and European cities.

You will also participate in the Korean National Pension System. About 4.5% of your paycheck goes into your fund each month, which we match. Each country has a different policy about when you can receive the money and that is regulated by inter-governmental agreements – slightly beyond our scope.

You also receive a bonus at the end of your contract worth the equivalent of one month’s salary. This is called your severance payment.

We hope to receive your application soon! After reviewing your resume and statement of purpose, we will contact you to arrange an interview over Skype if you are living outside of Seoul, or a face-to-face interview if you are living in Seoul.