What makes WILS different?

Unlike many of our competitors, large corporations whose decision-makers must design programs which focus primarily on profits and making stockholders happy, we put our students and families first. We update our curriculum to meet the needs of each and every class. That’s our advantage: we know what makes a child, as an individual, learn best and we provide the program that’s best for them.

Our first thought is always, “What do the students need?” not “What will make the parents happy?”

Many language schools throw difficult books at children to impress parents, but that is about marketing, not learning. After interviewing hundreds of students who have left those schools, we know that big textbooks or cramming for huge vocabulary tests do NOT mean big learning – they mean confused kids who don’t have a precise understanding and no longer want to learn English. Without a desire to learn, they will never become strong speakers and writers of English.

When you buy shoes, you want the exact size and the right fit. You do not just want “small”, “medium”, or “large”. English education should be the same way. We make sure our students have the perfect fit.

We also get feedback from our teachers, the people who know our students’ English ability and learning tendencies best, and refine and improve our program every term with those tendencies and needs in mind.

We have been helping kids become great English speakers, and happier people, longer than any other language school. We want to put our twenty-plus years of experience to work for everyone in our community.